"Find the form, Colour your life!"

With the uniquely radiant, high-quality mandalas, you too can bring colour into your home.
Discover yourself in them.


Digital Art

The creation of a mandala is a complex process from the birth of the idea to the final brushstroke. When creating these works of art, the artist combines traditional and modern artistic techniques to achieve a perfect result that can make any space shine. Each image is a unique work of art, combining the use of a digital drawing board, pen and brush, geometric design, and the use of a computer mouse.

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A unique glow

Exclusive paper and frame

Photo Rag Metallic paper

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The artist loves to showcase the mandalas on Hahnemühle Photo Rag Metallic paper, which stands out for its exceptionally high quality and silvery-shimmering surface. It is an archival quality, acid-free, lignin-free, and optical brightener-free paper that is fully natural and made of cotton. It meets the ISO 9706 museum durability standard. This is the highest quality paper for Gábor's mandala creations.

Premium quality aluminum picture frame

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One of the thinnest photo frames, which protrudes only 1.5 cm from the plane of the wall. It creates an exclusive effect and highlights the metallic shine of premium paper. It is available in metallic version, but you also have the option to order a custom-coloured frame to create the perfect harmony for you.


Premium packaging

Framed manadalas in boxes

The mandala can be safely shipped anywhere in a cardboard box lined with foam padding, ensuring it arrives undamaged.

Mandalas delivered in cylinders

You may order mandalas without frames. In this case, prints will be delivered in a safe cylinder. This will not affect the quality of the prints.
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Személyes megtekintésre budapesti galériánkban van lehetőség előre egyeztetett időpontban.


Come and see the mandalas in person

Customer reviews

Judit Budapest, Hungary
Tovább olvasom
“Gabor's mandala artwork is magnificent, and the frame fits it perfectly; supreme quality. We hung the picture in the living room, opposite the dining table, so in a fairly central place. This way, it quickly stands out to everyone who comes to visit us. Last time, my friends saw it for the first time, and immediately asked where I bought it!”
JuditAlpharetta, Georgia, USA
Tovább olvasom
"Gabor's mandalas are fascinating: they are so beautiful and no two are alike. It was hard for me to choose since there were so many I liked on the website. I ended up ordering two and I cannot wait to hang them up in our new home. I am sure that I will order more Gábor's mandalas in the future."
IrénBudapest, Hungary
Tovább olvasom
“Gabor's mandalas have become favorites of the whole family. The picture and the pillows too. Thank you so much”


Meet the Artist

Gábor was inspired by his own inner voice to start working with geometry and later with mandala drawing. He has always been fascinated by symmetry and the motifs that repeat yet remain constantly changing. Creating mandalas is a form of self-expression for him, and each of his works conveys a unique mood. The creation of a mandala is a sophisticated artistic endeavor that incorporates both traditional and digital artistic techniques.

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