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all you need to do is to discover yourself in them.

I'm Gábor Hajdú, a mandala designer. I've been working with PhotoShop for nearly 15 years. Earlier I mostly worked with geometric forms then I came across mandalas. I instantly became fascianted by them. Over the a years I have created many customized mandalas of various patterns, colours and moods, which I have published on my Instagram page.

For me, composing mandalas is the best way of self-expression. The unlimited variations of colours and forms continuously amaze me. The swarming details of motifs inspire me. The infinity of variations liberates and encourages me. This is what they mean to me, the artist.
What do mandalas mean to you?

My pieces shown here are the result of the work and experiences of the last few years. Not only do I enjoy looking at art and make it seen, I also find joy in listening to it and making it heard: I've been playing the guitar for 21 years. In addition to jazz and classical music, my favourite is rock'n'roll.

Gábor Hajdú

the artist

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Digital Art

The creation of a mandala is a complex process from the birth of the idea to the final brushstroke. When creating these works of art, the artist combines traditional and modern artistic techniques to achieve a perfect result that can make any space shine. Each image is a unique work of art, combining the use of a digital drawing board, pen and brush, geometric design, and the use of a computer mouse.

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Gábor's mandalas on Instagram

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